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Multideck Display Cabinets

Scanfrost Multideck Display Cabinets
Remote multidecks are supplied without end panels and are ready for multiplexing. They are also prepared for connecting to the remote plant.

Climate Class M2

  • Case without end walls
  • Reinforced shelves 4 tiers
  • Complete with EPOS strips plus shelf risers
  • R404 expansion valve
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Circuit breakers for control fans and lighting
  • Main isolator switch
  • External connections for refrigeration pipe work
  • Single top fluorescent light
  • Solenoid valve
1 Year Parts Only Warranty Engineers Assistance Required
GIANT MD Slim 1.87-LRChillerWhite/Grey --Please call
GIANT MD Slim 2.5-LRChillerWhite/Grey --Please call
GIANT MD Slim 3.75-LRChillerWhite/Grey --Please call
GIANT MD 1.87-LRChillerWhite/Grey --Please call
GIANT MD 2.5-LRChillerWhite/Grey --Please call
GIANT MD 3.75-LRChillerWhite/Grey--Please call

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Technical Specifications

Name Dimensions WxDxH Shelf Area M Display Area M Temp
Adjustable Shelves Price (£)
Scanfrost product GIANT MD Slim 1.87-LR 1875x750x1995 3.36 3.3 -1/+7C Base & 4 rows 3197
Scanfrost product GIANT MD Slim 2.5-LR 2500x750x1995 4.49 3.75 -1/+7C Base & 4 rows 3865
Scanfrost product GIANT MD Slim 3.75-LR 3750x750x1995 6.73 5.62 -1/+7C Base & 4 rows 5211
Scanfrost product GIANT MD 1.87-LR 1875x940x2020 4.28 3.3 -1/+5C Base & 4 Rows 3334
Scanfrost product GIANT MD 2.5-LR 2500x940x2020 5.71 3.75 -1/+5C Base & 4 Rows 3994
Scanfrost product GIANT MD 3.75-LR 3750x940x2020 8.57 5.62 -1/+5C Base & 4 Rows 5434