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Scanfrost Compact Ice Makers

Scanfrost Compact Ice Makers
Wherever cold drinks are served ice is now a must. Scanfrost offer ice machines to suit all budgets and applications. Our units produce ice that will in most instances outlast the cold beverage it is placed in, ensuring that the drink is not watered down by the ice.werpoin

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  • Stainless Steel
  • Full electronic control
  • 13amp plug in supply
  • Simple spray-free system
  • Not blocked by hard water
  • Clear ice
2 Years Parts Only Warranty New Product for 2007
ICE26Ice MakerStainless Steel --Please call
ICE50Ice MakerStainless Steel --Please call
ICE80Ice MakerStainless Steel --Please call
ICE40FIce MakerStainless Steel --Please call
ICE85FIce MakerStainless Steel --Please call

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Technical Specifications

Name Finish Dimensions ICE PRODUCTION kg/24HRS ICE STORAGE kg Price (£) Price (£)
Scanfrost product ICE85F Stainless Steel 548x610x859l 85 14kg 1900 1900
Scanfrost product ICE40F Stainless Steel 398x548x722 40 6kg 1700 1700
Scanfrost product ICE80 Stainless Steel 680x611x1041 80 50kg 1451 1451
Scanfrost product ICE50 Stainless Steel 548x610x812 50 14kg 950 950
Scanfrost product ICE26 Stainless Steel 395x540x675 25 6kg 570 570