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Castors are available for a range of AHT & Caravell products.

If you have any queries relating to Caravell Accessories, please call 01254 888108.
Castor Sky --Please call
Castor Kit 101, 131 --Please call
Castor Kit 201 --Please call
Castor Kit 261--Please call

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Technical Specifications

Name Code Product
AHT product Castor Sky 4420500500200 Sky Range
AHT product Castor Kit 101, 131 BXC59.4003 CMD101, 131 CLM101, 131
AHT product Castor Kit 201 BXC59.4004 CMD201 & CLM201
AHT product Castor Kit 261 BXC59.4005 CMD261

Accessories and Parts

Castor Sky4420500500200
Castor Sky4420500500200
CMD131MTCastor Kit 101, 131BXC59.4003
CMD101Castor Kit 101, 131BXC59.4003
CMD131Castor Kit 101, 131BXC59.4003
CMD101MTCastor Kit 101, 131BXC59.4003
CLM101Castor Kit 101, 131BXC59.4003
CLM131Castor Kit 101, 131BXC59.4003
CMD201MTCastor Kit 201BXC59.4004
CMD201Castor Kit 201BXC59.4004
CLM201Castor Kit 201BXC59.4004
CMD261Castor Kit 261BXC59.4005
CMD261MTCastor Kit 261BXC59.4005